Did you know that one of the fastest growing fashion segments is the sneaker industry? For years, global brands have been battling each other, investing huge resources in innovative technology, unique materials, development and design to attract as many admirers as possible to their products. Now it’s not just an extra piece of sports equipment. The dynamic development of this shoe and its extreme popularity with people of the highest rank, has placed it in the status of prestige. No matter what field of activity is involved, but if you are interested in luxury clothing, it is worth finding out what sneakers are truly in fashion.

Basketball retro

As you know, it was the basketball that started the development of the sneaker industry and its popularity was reborn. Nevertheless these modern models can’t be found on the street as they are designed for professional sports. Elastic sole, special design and loud colors is something that you won’t normally wear, but the retro style is just what you need. You’re sure to like the look of simple suede or leather upper, “team” coloring, comfortable and narrow sole.

Hiking Style

Truly, versatile sneakers that combine urban style and increased foot comfort. That’s exactly what Philipp Plein shoes are, including a wide range of models for men. Most often have a lightweight sole, comfortable foot support and a stylish, sometimes futuristic design.

From the ’90s

The glorious times of big sports and legendary athletes, and many a period can be called an impressive era. Perhaps this is why global brands such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok delight the admirers of the glorious decade with the release of archival models.

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Fashionable colors

In wearing it is important not only the model range, but also the color solutions, because the premium shoes are matched with the equal status of luxury clothing. In the future season, the relevant colors not only for men but also for women are: white, silver, black, red, green, gray, gold, beige. For those who are not afraid to stand out and seek to make a style challenge great news – in fashion are also all acid shades. In color schemes you can choose both completely sneakers in the desired tone, and just with accents, bright elements.

The new minimalism

So you can call the universal shoes of such brands as Good News or Stepney Workers Club. Lightweight classics without unnecessary details and decorative elements, sewn by hand from soft leather or sailcloth. To keep them in line with modern trends models are often complemented by a wide, sometimes crude rubber sole and contrast stitching.

Of course, if you look carefully, you can find a large number of models of sneakers for men and women, which will be part of a perfect image. These can be in a futuristic or “toe” design, transparent or innovative, but it’s only after you get the most trendy models.

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