Everybody is involved in social media these days – you, me and the young as well as the elderly. Learning is best done by reaching students at their location. That includes finding social media outlets that can be used inside the classroom. Social media is a great tool for teaching social skills, and can be used to help students do my homework. Instagram and Facebook may not be the best platforms for this, but there are plenty of other top 10 social media networking sites for students that can be used to help them complete their assignments. 


It is the global leader in course management apps. Blackboard is usually chosen at the district-level, but individual schools may choose to use it occasionally. Blackboard is extremely secure and one of the most trusted social networking sites. It also provides a forum for all students. As a result of their teacher education programmes, many younger teachers would feel comfortable using it. The downside is the cost. It is quite expensive, but you get what your pay for. This would limit the options available to teachers with high-tech skills.

Wikispaces Classroom

Wikispaces Classroom shows that collaboration is second-nature for Wiki members. Wiki Classrooms allow users to share news and network resources through private media networks. It’s safe when you decide who gets invited, including parents, teachers, and administrators. The web allows you to share, delegate, review, discuss, and even evaluate projects. It also supports multimedia. Wikispaces Classroom is entirely online.

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MinecraftEdu’s secret weapon? The ability to harness the power of video games to educate our students. This game allows students to work together, find solutions, and collaborate while also learning about finance, history, technology, math, and more. Teachers can customize it to suit their needs. MinecraftEdu has become the most popular social media platform for students.


It is a popular social network for students, which links educators, caregivers, as well as teachers. Teamwork is key to this, with the possibility to share documents and create communities. Students looking for tutors online and to read can also access this website for high-quality education.


It is a top-rated social networking site for students and one of its most successful. The micro-tweeting platform is very popular in education. Twitter is also becoming more accessible to educators due to its upcoming parental controls.


Join a site that provides current information for kids. TweenTribune helps students keep current with current events. This is the site that was started by Easthampton’s student, Chris Christie. He proposed to extend the school day and increase the school year. It engages students in news habits and gives them the opportunity to comment on the events of the day. Unfortunately, there are advertisements. But, that is what every news outlet does. It is focused on the positive news of the day, so don’t expect to see the latest on Syria.


This gaming platform is a lot like crack with flashcards. This website is popular with elementary school-age children. This networking feature allows you to connect to other profiles and make connections. Children will be eager to play on the internet when they get home from school. It’s entertaining with clever characters.

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This feature is for teachers who are looking to integrate Blackboard with course management systems. Edu2.0 begins by giving all its premium features on a trial basis. The trial period ends and the premium features disappear. However, you can still use the basic platform free of charge. These features will suffice for the average user but might not be sufficient for “power users.” Edu2.0 works on cloud and does not require any storage investment.

Wikispaces Classroom

Wiki Classroom is a great example of collaboration. Wiki Classrooms provide private social networks that include news feeds and communication tools. Because you choose who to invite — parents, students, administrators, etc. – it’s secure. All you need to do is log in and assign, collaborate on, discuss, and assess projects. It even supports multimedia. Wikispaces Classroom comes with a free license.


The platform is described as a “walled gardens” and allows students and teachers to share their ideas. It is easy to use, and teachers can create an online classroom environment with a class number rather than an email. It gives teachers complete control over who enters and what they write. It is completely secure.


Students can interact with one another outside the classroom using social media. People who are normally uncomfortable sharing their feelings or participating in school discussions can find it liberating to assume anonymity online. This is a wonderful opportunity to be more relaxed in the classroom, especially during the education process. Before using new technology, it’s important to create clear policies. Both parents and teachers must inform children about the possible consequences of cyberbullying and how to keep them safe. Additionally, students should be aware that there are many essay writing services us.dissertationteam.com/blog available online, and they should be used responsibly. Because of this safety precaution, children will only use social networks for good. Students need to realize that the consequences of their online actions can be felt in real life.

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