Frock Design For Women

Recently frocks have been in trend and are dominating the fashion industry with its labyrinthine embroidered patterns, floral or geometric prints and embellishments like Kundan Zari work, gota kaam, and pearls for both formal and casual look. Although frock design and dress design,  western dresses are one and  the same but in Pakistan frocks are designed in a way that do not only portray the history and culture but also pervade Eastern Values.

In a notable way frock is defined as a loose,  long garment with full sleeves, wide sleeves, sleeveless like what a monk or priest used to wear. In the modern and contemporary context a frock  is just designed as a woman or girl’s article of clothing, often long and flowy. Basically frocks are flowy, breezy garments that can be knee length, ankle length, floor length,  can be short or long. They come in different styles and fittings and are available in a variety of fabrics like cotton net chiffon, Georgette, Raw silk, tissue and Cambric.  Usually frocks are worn in Summers.

With its scenic beauty Pakistan also has the best range of women’s wear, be it traditional or Western. And if you are looking for some amazing frock design to buy from Pakistan you have landed in the right place. We will guide you through the unique and updated frock designs for ladies, frock design for girls, and frock design for kids.

Popular Frock Design For Girls

When it comes to the fashion of girls then there are a variety of new frock designs that  includes asymmetric length, tail frocks with various kinds of sleeves design,  different kinds of pleats on the bodice that enhance the flair. While some prefer traditional, others might prefer Western style,  so keeping in mind the needs of different girls and ladies we have come up with some most popular Girls frock design and frock design for ladies. Not only have we updated frock design for ladies and girls but we also have a huge collection of Kids frock designs.

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Let’s now look up at different frock designs because there are plenty of options to choose from.

Frock Kurti Style

For girls who are looking for some traditional frock design they can look for frock kurti style. They not only look stylish but also look great with straight pants or simple salwars to give you a touch of uniqueness and beauty.  According to your choice you can style them with different types of accessories like belts, jewelry,  embroidery or any prints.  This can be an amazing choice for both girls and ladies.  They come in different types of color and sizes. You can fabricate them from high quality fabric. They are simple frock design for girl providing simplicity and stitching in a very good manner to give excellent results to the suit. 

Long Frock Design

The full length long frock design for girls are trendy and classy.  If you are looking for some best outfit  for the summer then you can try these long frock design.  They are printed and can be confined for wedding functions if they’re embroidered. They can also be beautified with crystal and pearls. These are usually paired with simple pants.  They not only make you get a huge amount of attention, but also give decency to the wearer.


This one is borrowed from the ancient time, the time of  Mughal Era and as well as the 200 years old bazaar in old Lahore.This  long frock design has a fitted bodice and a flowy bottom.  This one is best Tailored in flowy fabrics like chiffon, georgette and Silk.  The high quality delicate embroidery on the fabric gives it an extravagant look.  You can even try it with a beautiful Koti over it to bring out the Opulent and Splendor to your overall  look.

Short Frock Design

Short frock design are getting more attention because these can be worn for casual or formal events. The designers are now launching their new concept of short frock design keeping the new fashion trends in mind.  If you want you can create a new frock design by styling short frocks with cigarette pants,  simple salwars or any other different kind of bottom,  like this you can get a traditional look with amazing patterns to flaunt. 

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For Casual need you can try printed frocks or simple frocks and if you want to go for an event you can try heavy embroidered frocks that are embroidered with crystals and pearls.  You can find them available on all outlets of different brands in Pakistan as well as on online stores. They are  truly stunning outfits and can be worn by every girl in Pakistan.

Jhabla Frock Design

Is our large size frock which are mostly preferred by senior women.  The reason is that they are easy to wear and air friendly.  They are quite comfortable and also come in different styles and designs.  Though they are easy to wear they look amazing on girls as well. They are available in attractive colors and show a sense of elegance. 

A-Line Style Dress

This A-line style is a simple frock design for girl which is underrated but undeniably elegant.  This one has a wider hem with narrow waistline having a large flare at or below the hip.  If you want you may try it casually or pair it with heavy earrings for a more formal look.

Kids Frock Design

Kids are already adorable and when they wear cute and simple frock design they look even more adorable. For kids there is a wide variety of new frock design available in different colors and patterns. Some are decorated with flowers and some mostly have a belt. There are also long frocks for kids to wear with short trousers.  These add beauty and cuteness to the baby wearing the frock.  These ones are much preferred by mothers for their kids. 

Frock Shopping Online

People who hesitate to do offline shopping can go to an online store to do the shopping.  There are various brands in Pakistan which have the trending and new frock design.  They are not only reliable but bring to you variety from different brands and designers. They provide you the product at a reasonable price for a specific period and this makes it an opportunity to avail.  This also increases customers’  demand and also the reliability of the product.  All these designs which are discussed above are available on the online shopping sites in Pakistan.

Tips to buy the right frock design for girls

Shopping for clothing for kids can be quite different from Shopping for yourself.  However you need not have to worry because we are here to help you to choose an appropriate frock for your daughter.

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Make sure you select an appropriate fabric that is essential when dressing your kid.  Heavy or elaborated embroidered fabric can be uncomfortable for their bodies.  Choose a lightweight cotton or chiffon fabric that will be more comfortable while wearing.


While choosing a new frock design for a girl make sure you choose the right size  to ensure that outfit not only fits her properly but also makes her look stunning. 

Easy to Maintain

For kids it is really important to select a dress which is simple to maintain and can be kept clean all the time.

Frocks for all season

If you want you can also select a frock which is suitable for all seasons,  this means they should be extremely adaptable and versatile to wear. 


Frankly speaking, frocks are a really versatile article of clothing in the wardrobe.  These have been existing for a long time.  You can wear them as a part of eastern attire as well as a western attire.  The best part about frocks is that they can be worn at any occasion be it a beach holiday or a wedding.  For kids also the simple frock design makes your kid look incredibly adorable and cute.  You can find an amazing and great variety of new frock design for kids and ladies at amazing prices. To find them you can visit different online stores for frocks made out of high quality fabric. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How is frock design differentiated from other designs?

Ans. A frock design refers to the style, pattern and overall look that typically extends from the shoulder  to knees or ankles.  These are loose and flowy in appearance.

Q2. What are different types of frock design?

Ans. There are various types of frock design including A- line frocks, ball gown frocks, sheet frocks and empire waist frocks, fit and flare frocks,  peplum frocks,  and shift frocks.  Each design has its unique characteristics and suits different body types and occasion.

Q3. How can I choose the right frock design for my body type?

Ans. To find the right frock design for your body type consider the following guidelines:

Hourglass figure–  opt for a design that cinches at the waist to emphasize your curves.

Pear- shaped figure–  Select a frock that draw attention to the upper body while skimming over the hips and thighs

Apple-shaped figure-  Look for a frock with Empire waistlines or A-line contour that emphasize the slimmer parts of your body

Rectangle shaped figures–  Try a frock design that can help to create the illusion of curves such as peplum or fit and flare style.

Q4. Can I customize a Frock design?

Ans. Yes, there are many fashion designers and Tailors that provide customisation services. You can choose your specific fabric, color, length, neckline, sleeves and embellishment to create a frock design which will reflect your individual style and preference.

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