Eid Special Shows on ARY Digital 2017 Moring Shows, Dramas, Telefilm

Eid Special Shows on ARY Digital 2017 – Morning Shows, Dramas, Telefilm on Eid Day 1, 2,3 – EID spreads happiness everywhere and is the biggest occasion for Muslims across the globe. Every Muslim enjoys the religious flavor and feeling of gratitude that Allah has given us the chance of maghfirat and bakhshish. Everyone tries to do the best on EID day and honor the commands of Allah. All Muslims wear new clothes and eat lovely food, meet relatives and friends and plan gatherings with friends. EID-ul-Fitar especially is called as Meethi EID and is very significant in lives of Muslims as it comes after Holy Ramzan.

Everywhere joy and Rehmat of Allah prevails and people try to contribute with good gestures and deeds to this occasion. With the passage of time, EID spending way has also changed and now, daily lives of people have become more hectic and tiring. EID days are the time where they ease themselves and enjoy a memorable time with family at home. One enjoying thing is to watch TV and get entertained. Many people love to see fun and comedy based EID Programs and Sitcoms with their family and ease them up.

Eid Special Shows on ARY Digital 2017 Moring Shows, Dramas, Telefilm

Looking at the interest of people and also to entertain people, many TV Channels telecast EID Special Shows and Dramas on all three days of EID. Among many other channels, ARY Digital has its unique reputation and is known for telecasting quality programs and shows for its viewers. Many sitcoms, dramas, telefilms, stage shows, music shows, fashion shows and interview-based programs are prepared for EID and fascinate its viewers. ARY Digital Network includes many sub-channels which are the part of this group like ARY Zindagi, ARY Musik, ARY Zauq and many others.

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Eid Collection 2017:

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Eid Special Shows on ARY 2017 | Morning Shows | Dramas | Telefilm:

ARY Digital has been telecasting special Ramzan transmission which won the heart of many people. Ramzan Kalams and many other segments have been the part of these transmissions spreading the message of humanity and peace. Jeeto Pakistan is a nationally popular program and is one of the biggest game shows. The program is hosted by Fahad Mustafa and includes amazing segments for participants to win precious gifts. The program is telecasted daily on ARY Digital in the month of Ramzan and is the part of EID Special Shows on ARY Digital.

EID K Rang ARY Digital K Sang is the special transmission that will be aired on the channel. It includes a variety of programs and shows. The film industry of Pakistan has stood up after a long time and has come up with some amazing films starring Pakistani actors.

Eid Special Telefilm on ARY Digital:

One such movie Janaan has been prepared in collaboration with ARY Group and shoot on beautiful Northern Areas of Pakistan. The film has seen great success and will be aired on EID on ARY Digital.

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[su_quote]World TV Premier of Janaan includes famous artists of Pakistan.

For its viewers, ARY EID Transmission also includes World TV Premier of Lahore Se Agay

For its viewers, ARY EID Transmission also includes World TV Premier of Jawani Phir Nahi Ani.[/su_quote]

Eid Special Shows on HUM TV 2017

The movie is starring Saba Qamar and looks quite entertaining. This movie will be aired on the first day of EID. You will witness an unstoppable entertainment on the channel and for this, ARY will keep you busy in new and diverse programs.

For the third day of EID, ARY Film Awards, 2016 will be aired. These awards include dances and amazing performances by all the leading artists of the country.

Eid Special Moring Shows with Nida Yasir | Good Morning Pakistan:

Good Morning Pakistan is another example of wonderful Shows presented by the channel. The morning show has been amazing throughout and is hosted by Nida Yasir. Eid Special Shows on ARY Digital also includes a special episode of Good Morning Pakistan. The program will be aired on all three days of EID and has the special appearance of many artists and surprise guests. Special Guest Cast of Mahrunis V Lub U.

Pakistani Celebrities on Eid 2017

EID Special Shows 2017:

Besides these morning show and films, amazing telefilms are also the part of Eid 2017 Special Shows on ARY Digital. Telefilm named Khalda or Walda is looking full entertainment package and seems interesting with amazing comedy. Special Telefilms for EID Transmission also has Bushra Ansari’s Khala Garam Masala.

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Interesting highlights and promos can be enjoyed for this telefilm and program will be aired on EID 3rd Day.

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For EID Day 2, amazing telefilm casting star celebs Urwa and Farhan, Pyaar Ki Love Story will be aired. Star cast for this telefilm also includes Asif Raza Mir and Saba Hameed.

EID K Rang ARY Digital K Sung Special EID Transmission also has unstoppable entertainment with funny sitcoms and small dramas.

Mohabbat Hogai Akhir will also entertain you on ARY with EID Special ARY Digital Transmission.

So, the channel has the full package of entertainment and fun for all age groups on this EID and you will definitely enjoy all the programs and dramas and telefilms that will be aired on the network. Many other dramas are also the part of this transmission and will definitely be interesting to watch.

For the promotion of EID K Rang ARY Digital K Sang, EID Special ARY Digital Transmission many videos and messages of your favorite celebs can be seen on the Facebook page of the channel. Their enthusiasm is telling us that how excited they are to have feedback on this special Eid Special Shows on ARY Digital.

Many of them are really excited about World TV Premier of Lahore Se Agay.

Jannan has been a fascination and to see it again will really be amazing. Besides, many music shows and fashion shows showcasing exciting EID collections by many leading designers of Pakistan and cooking shows by cooking experts and famous chefs of the country will also be aired on the channel to keep you entertained and updated about latest fashion trends and Special Food Items for this EID.

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So, EID K Rang ARY Digital K Sang, EID Special ARY Digital Transmission is full of entertainment and excitement to keep your EID days enjoyable and is ready to make them memorable for you. Channel has specifically arranged the special shows according to the taste of all age groups and programs and shows are looking quite irresistible. So, grab your TV and stay tuned on ARY for non-stop fun.

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