YouTube has become an excellent platform for many people to make money by creating content. Although Instagram creators are gaining these days, YouTubers started the trend. As per the statistics, around six people out of ten are interested in becoming Korean Youtubers!

Korean Youtubers are passionate about what they create and develop unique ideas to create content. Then, they share them with the world, making it easy for them to gain the attention they need. Today, we will look at the top-rated Korean Youtubers who are powerful enough to create a trend or influence people!

Why YouTube?

Korean Youtubers are choosing YouTube to earn money and lead a career path that they are passionate about. Of course, everyone understands they cannot become super-rich or keep it as their sole income. But earning $1,000 to $5,000 a month is possible.

YouTubers Size in South Korea

Influence marketing is rising and has become a popular choice for companies to lure customers. Paid partnerships, sponsorships, and product placements significantly increased, thanks to the Korean Youtubers.

The Korean Youtubers community is rising, with many well-known individuals making their mark in different segments. For this post, we have compiled a list of individuals who excel in people engagement, consistent posting, and uniqueness.

Gongsam Table

Gongsam Table focuses on Korean cuisine. If you are foody and love Korean food, you will always enjoy the videos Gongsam posts on his channel. He specializes in ASMR and consuming spicy food. He posts fun content to watch while he eats everything set on the table to the last crumb. Considering his followers, he added millions of them over time since he first began his journey on YouTube.

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Average views: 1,870,000

Awesome Haeun

Every individual is capable of something, and it is that one chance they want to show their skills. However, Haeun is different! She took the internet by storm and made it into the top Korean Youtubers with her unique dancing skills. She uses various techniques in her dances, and each one is different. You will fall in love with her, especially her moves. She accumulated over 50 million views for her first single titled “So Special.” At 12 years, she continues adding more subscribers and wowing the audience with her entertainment and dancing vlogs.

Average views: 421,000

Jae Yeol ASMR

Korean Youtubers have always attracted audiences through charm, fun-loving interaction, and exciting content. If you are a fan of ASMR videos, then Jae Yeol’s channel is what you must subscribe to! He is interested in creating videos where he eats different varieties of foods while generating unique and satisfying background sounds. You will find all the ASMR sounds you need for the food items you eat and those who wish to eat in the future!

Average views: 581,000


Korean Youtubers are always on the quest to give their best. However, if you need entertaining activities, then Heopop’s channel is what you need. It teems with ridiculous and amusing difficulties that will undoubtedly make you want to watch. Filling a pool with 50,000 water balloons? Jumping into a tub of foam? Checking out a lie detector that attacks you if you lie? This channel has genuinely got the laughs and home entertainment you need.

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Average views: 915,000


Acting, singing, and dancing, Solarsido does it all! She shares her skills with her numerous clients on YouTube. A few of her videos have exceeded a million views, including her most preferred upload of a dancing cover of “Yummy” by Justin Bieber.

Average views: 354,000

ThankYou BUBU

Korean Youtubers have a knack for staying fit! Believe it, and if you are into fitness, then ThankYou BUBU is what you need to reach your goal. The channel is ideal for everyone who loves to stay fit. BUBU couple posts entertaining videos of exercises that are easy to do at home. Also, watch out for their adorable dog that makes a surprise visit during the workout!

Average views: 1,860,000

VIVA Dance Studio

VIVA Dancing Workshop is a highly visited Korean Youtubers channel based in Seoul which uploads extraordinary dance covers and choreographies. The workshop has obtained worldwide popularity and millions of views per video. Check out their version of ‘WAP’ by Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion.

Average views: 301,000


One of the leading Korean Youtubers, the channel consists of satisfying food dishes with minimal audio. This channel is ideal if a simple, hipster, neutral tone visual is your statement. Discover the recipe for making strawberry buns, twisted or crème brûlée donuts from the ground up.

Average views: 268,000


If charm and fashion are your interest, consider this channel! Ssin’s central motif is fashion and makeup, with her amusing facial expressions and relatable individuality. These are what make her attractive to her target market. A few of her tutorials include the transformation into Elsa and a surprising (yet superb) creation of Little Mermaid’s Ursula. Check her out!

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Average views: 216,000

ARI Kitchen

DIY and home cooking have indeed exploded in demand during COVID-19. Ari Kitchen is one of the leading Korean Youtubers that publishes cooking tutorials of cosmetically stunning pound cakes, biscuits, and jellies. Her products resemble characters from movies and cartoons, such as SpongeBob and Among Us.

Average views: 421,000


Jun Sung increased his popularity when he began publishing violin covers that acquired the focus of millions worldwide. Self-proclaimed singer, musician, and professional dancer Jun regularly covers tunes from Adele, BTS, and other prominent musicians. You will see him often lugging his relied violin.

Average views: 154,000

Korea Grandma

Did you ever know a grandmother who maintains a YouTube channel? One of the famous Korean Youtubers, Korean Grandma has caught customers’ hearts domestically and internationally for her empathy, knowledge, and no-nonsense opinions. She posts regularly with her granddaughter, consisting of tutorials on traditional Korean food preparations.

Average views: 421,000


Korean Youtubers are becoming popular not just within the country but worldwide. This is because they use social media to gain attention and show their skills in creating unique content. For this reason, more and more brands are partnering with them to advertise their products.

The majority of Korean Youtubers are happy and excited to partner with brands. It helps both build an expansive network of the audience!

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