Skin Care Tips for Men 2016

Skin Care Tips for Men 2016 – Skin is the most important asset of a human. This is a trend that everybody wants to look fair and want a healthy and glowing look. Everyone is ready to do anything for having the fair complexion to look fairer and want more Glow. People have different types of skin like Dry, oily and rough and each has its own problems. To overcome these problems people use different methods and tips. Some treatments they use to fix their skin problem do not accept their skin immediately.

Like women, men also very conscious about their skin and need some protection, especially for those who don’t have the fair complexion, so they find different skin care tips from internet or Magazine. Various life factors and elements can cause signs of aging in the skin, take out moisture, and generally make it look unhealthy. Sensitive skin is more prone to irritation than other types of skin. This post is about Skin Care Tips for men 2016 and we have to provide so some essential points and tips for Skincare for men. Using the right products is of the utmost important. Boys have many kinds of the problem during their teenage because the growth level is on the top at that age and can cause pimples and unwanted black spots on the face.

Skin Care Tips for Men 2016

There are some Skin Care Tips for Men 2016:


To cleanse, I have seemed men prefer bars to liquid cleansers. It is good in case you have oily skin. But many times bar soap results into drying out of your skin. You can also use moisturizing soap with emollients like glycerin. You can also find the ones made with vitamin E oil, olive oil of jojoba oil.

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Avoid Hot Water:

Taking hot showers can contribute to dry skin and flakiness. Cool water is a better choice for protecting your skin from unnecessary irritation.

Avoid products that have too much foam:

Leather may look cool when you are shaving or cleanse your face, but it can actually dry out your skin, the ingredients used to create lather and other irritants that remove essential oils from your skin. If you have sensitive skin, stick to products with lower foam content like a men’s shaving gel for best results.

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Dry with gentle towels and don’t rub:

Drying your skin with rough towels is like drying yourself with sandpaper. Stick to soft, cotton towels and pat dry, don’t rubbing to avoid irritation.

Use alcohol-free deodorant:

This is another point of Skin Care tips for men 2016, Many commercial deodorants contain alcohol and aluminum, two ingredients that may wreck on men’s skin. Use alcohol-free deodorant, if you have sensitive skin.

Don’t shave against the grain:

The most important mistake guys make when shaving is going against the grain. Most men shaved against the direction of hair growth because they get a closer shave. But at the same time, the blade of often nicks the buried surface of the hair follicle and creates inflammation.

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Avoid Too much Moisture:

Mostly people ask if your skin is dry then choose moisturizer and apply it only while your skin is still wet. A moisturizer should be applied when the skin is damp, usually, after washing your face or after you have had a shower. It should be an oil-free and moisturizing lotion.

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