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Hijab is a piece of cloth that is available in different sizes. These are best for the girls who want to cover themselves and wrap their bodies. These are trending nowadays and are famous worldwide. It is not only confined to any religion but it is followed all over the world. Different ladies tried to used Hijab style with abayas and look very amazing. Hijab is a character of Muslim ladies because mainly Muslim ladies are the ones who wear Hijab in order to protect themselves from the evil eye. These women look best and beautiful in hijabs. Beautiful hijabs are available in a variety of colors. Hijabs are of different kinds. They are also beautified with beautiful embellishments.

Many Hijab tutorials are also present on the Internet to follow step by step Hijab wearing. It is an Arabic word used for women to cover themselves in order to save themselves from others’ eyes. In winter, the main advantage of Hijab is the covering of the head and neck from the cold and chilly breezes. It gives a best appearance and protects the women. Many Muslim women attached head scarfs with very exciting and feel a sense of freedom. In previous time people thought that it is a sign of awkwardness and it was not think good but nowadays it is a sign of modernism and it looks very good on the females.

New Hijab Style Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners:

How to Wear a Hijab Step by Step Tutorial:

A simple Hijab covers the head and neck. It is the most prominent sign of Islamic belief because it is a symbol of modesty. Women look very decent and show high elegance in this outfit. Hijabs are worn very easily in different types of steps. When we talk about the simplest method of wearing a Hijab that includes a pin and a scarf. Take a scarf and a pin than take a pin and put it on your neck. Then tie a scarf on the neck with the help of the pin. Then pin up both the opposite parts of the scarfs that lie under your chin.

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The scarf should be tight then take the long part of the scarf on the opposite shoulder and flip it behind the shoulder. Then take the same end in front of the other shoulder and pull it behind the back. Adjust both the ends of the scarf in front of your chest so that the chest is fully covered with the scarf now the Hijab is ready and you are ready to wear it on any type of casual or formal occasion.

Pashmina Hijab Style:

Pashmina’s hijab style is the one that looks very comfortable. It is very cozy and soft. They are best for the winters because they cover the neck, shoulders, and head from the outer air. These hijabs are much in trend in the winter season. Hijab styles are much followed by the girls of every age. Pashmina styles are trending and are launched by different brands in Pakistan.

Turkish Hijab Style:

A Turkish hijab is one that covers the whole of the chest because it is a sign of modesty of Islamic women. Turkey is an Islamic country and the women residing there wear hijab. Turkish ladies put on amazing styles of hijab that are trending in fashion. Turkish hijab is long that is not actually a veil but they are the religious one that covers the whole of the body. Through this hijab style, women are shielded.

Side draped Hijab Style:

These are simple hijabs and are mostly on one side. They are made from right rectangular cloth fabric and put on the head. The sides of the scarf are tight with a pin while by taking the sides of the scarf they are collected and tied with a pin in the middle so it looks like a loop.

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After that wrap the scarf over the head. Take one side of the scarf and place it on the other and beautify it with a beautiful broach. This hijab style covers the hairs, ears, and shoulders. This suits best with the jeans and t-shirts or with beautiful gowns.

Arabian Hijab Styles:

Hijab can be used and wrapped around the face in different types of style. This Arabian hijab style looks very beautiful and they are the ones that are tied very easily and they look very comfortable and relax.

This hijab style is perfect for the girls. These are mostly followed by the Arabian girls but it is also worldwide by the ladies of different ages. This hijab style glam up your style for a decent and modest look. Chose the best fabric and a pin and you should know the way of Arabian hijab style. They look best with the latest abaya designs.

Turban Hijab Styles:

This style looks fabulous and attractive. Many ladies that want to get rid of the long hairs opt for this turban hijab style. There are many ways to tie a hijab turban hijab is one of them. It is a new variety and design in the hijab style world. There is a huge collection of hijab designs in Pakistan launched by different brands.

Hijab style fashion increases the beauty and elegance of women or a girl wearing it. The best thing about hijab is that it is a perfect definition of fashion and are made from amazing color combinations, texture, and fabrics. This outlook is the best for women and girls.

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