Buy Rare Carat diamonds if you want to make your wedding or engagement more memorable. Unquestionably, Rare Carat diamonds provide you with the best diamonds ever. Rare Carat buying guide makes it the America’s #1 source for diamonds.

Verily buy Rare Carat diamonds if you want budget friendly diamonds because to help you save money, Rare Carat compares over a million lab-grown and real diamonds at reputable merchants. Free gemological examinations for GIA-certified stones and the 4 Cs Rare Carat buying guide.

How does Rare Carat work, and what is it?

Rare Carat began as a diamond aggregator. Rare Carat, founded by Ajay Anand, refers to itself as the “Zillow for diamonds,” a tool for easily comparing diamond prices in order to find the best bargain. Today, Rare Carat is a more normal shop. Similar to most online merchants, it provides buyers with a database of diamonds from wholesalers across the world. 

Instead of introducing customers to other retailers for a commission, Rare Carat now receives the orders and manufactures the jewellery. They describe it as “a brand created on Rare Carat.” That is why none of the merchant names sound recognized, and there is no way to determine who created the ring or the quality of the workmanship.

Rare Carat Buying Guide

To buy Rare Carat diamonds for all of their clients, Rare Carat buying guide primarily comprises of following eight steps:

  1. Establish your budget: To start, decide on a price ratio that fits within your means.
  2. Natural or lab-created diamond: The second decision to make is whatever kind of diamond you choose.
  3. Choose a diamond shape: Although Rare Carat has a large selection of diamond shapes, including round, pear, princess, oval, and heart shapes, 40% of customers choose round shapes due to their popularity.
  4. Discover the meaning of the 4Cs: carat, cut, colour, and clarity. When purchasing, you must consider each of these factors.
  5. Focus your investigation: After deciding on a budget, now assess the quality.
  6. Get a free price & quality check: Obtain a rare carat report and a free price and quality check when you buy Rare Carat diamond. With the use of machine learning and human gemologist analysis, this free study will provide you with an honest assessment of any diamond, estimating its true market value and openly pointing out flaws to help you avoid being fooled.
  7. Select a setting: Choose a setting for your diamond ring now that it’s all set.
  8. Purchase a ring: The mission is finally finished! The greatest diamond firm in America is who you purchased from.
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Pros or benefits to using Rare Carat

It is marketed as “the key to purchasing the ideal diamond.” Is buying a Rare Carat diamond for an engagement ring the most effective approach to obtain an excellent value on a high-quality diamond? Without a doubt, the best diamond ring marketplace in America is Rare Carat. The Rare Carat is the best of all because of all the advantages listed below:

Competitive rates

The greatest thing about Rare Carat is how reasonably priced they are. By overseeing fulfilment for more than 150 wholesalers, Rare Carat has eliminated the layer of markup and grown into a customer brand. Additionally, discount vouchers with a 100% money-back guarantee can be applied. Check out the latest pricing and buy Rare Carat diamonds on

Superior grade diamonds

Importantly, Rare Carat offers the greatest and highest quality lab-created diamonds in addition to natural diamonds. Quality is Rare Carat’s main focus. It provides you a variety of shapes, including round, oval, princess, heart, pear, cushion, and more, in addition to quality. The official Rare Carat website offers the greatest guidance and ideas for selecting your preferred form.

Top-notch client support

Genuine client pleasure and a positive experience are provided by Rare Carat. Their customer services like, Rare Carat Report, Rare Carat buying guide, and 4Cs undoubtedly goes above and beyond to deliver a faultless and enjoyable experience.

3 Stone engagement ring available at Rare Carat

Typically, Rare Carat offers a wide range of top quality 3 stone engagement ring. Followings are some samples of 3 stone engagement ring from Rare Carat:

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3 stone engagement ring-Rosella

This striking 3-stone engagement ring will be appreciated for a lifetime because of its split, elevated diamond shoulders and round side diamonds set in artistic “U”-shaped prongs.

Checkout the latest price

3 stone engagement ring-Jacie

Two pear-shaped diamonds delicately frame any central shape, adding a touch of refinement to this design. 

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