Are you looking for the best oval shape diamond for your wedding ring? An online retailer of diamond products, is however trusted by many and expanding quickly. As the leading online marketplace in America for diamond engagement rings, Rare Carat links millions of consumers with reliable wholesalers.

Rare carat is the best online diamond company trusted by many customers merely for providing the best oval shape diamonds. Moreover, you can get help here about  the 4 Cs Rare Carat buying guidance. Typically, it has become the safest and best option to purchase a diamond online right now

What type of services Rare Carat offers?

Online Diamond Marketplace 

Rare Carat’s comprehensive online marketplace is the foundation of its services. Customers can peruse an enormous assortment of diamonds from numerous reliable merchants here. Customers may easily locate the ideal diamond for their needs by filtering on the platform based on crucial qualities including size, cut, colour, and clarity.

AI-Powered Diamond Recommendations

They generate customised diamond recommendations and you can get help here using cutting-edge AI technology. This technology streamlines the decision-making process by analysing consumer preferences and budgets to recommend the best solutions.

Expert Consultations 

Understanding the value of professional assistance, they give clients access to impartial, independent gemologists. This service guarantees that consumers are knowledgeable and secure in their selections.

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Diamond Appraisal and Certification

Rare Carat guarantees that all diamonds offered for sale on its platform bear the certification of respectable associations. Additionally, customers can use evaluation services to get further confirmation of the quality and value of their diamond.

Price Comparison Tools

The business provides clients with robust price comparison tools so they can evaluate diamond costs from several vendors and make sure they’re getting the best deal possible.

Custom Jewelry Design 

In addition to offering loose diamonds, they also serve clients in need of jewellery that is specially made. Engagement rings, wedding bands, and other exquisite jewellery are created by the company in collaboration with talented artisans to realise each customer’s distinct vision.

Rare Carat Oval – Shape Diamonds

Oval-shape diamond of Rare Carat  can incredibly transform even the most shovel-like hands into those of a professional pianist. These “modified brilliant” cut diamonds not only complement even the gnarliest fingers, but they also emit an almost unmatched amount of fire and sparkle.

Diamond Oval Bow Tie Effect

These horrifying bow ties, or dark triangle shadows, can occasionally arise when an oval-shaped diamond is cut too shallow (less than 57%), ruining everyone’s life. The issue with this is that cutting an oval-shape diamond too deeply just results in a really bad, lifeless, dull diamond. There is a real thin line that separates dull-diamond disaster from bow-tie damnation, and that thin line is typically between 57% and 63% of depth. Most likely, the diamonds that have avoided such dangers can be found here at Rare Carat.

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Oval-shape Diamond vs Round-shape Diamond

Undoubtedly, the oval-shaped diamond is the second most preferred option after the round brilliant.

If cut skillfully, the brilliant cut faceting pattern of ovals and rounds allows for an abundance of brilliance and brightness. The oval is simply the circle with more length on it. It is less likely to chip than a round since it has 57 or 58 facets and no points or corners to worry about. They frequently appear larger than a round with the same carat weight due to their larger surface area, and because less rough is discarded during the cutting process, they are typically less expensive!

The issue with oval shaped diamonds is that they nearly always exhibit the dreaded bow-tie appearance. 

What makes an oval-shape diamond a wise choice?

Nevertheless, oval-shape diamonds of Rare Carat make the ideal accessory for sculpting fingers. They are incredibly attractive on all finger shapes and sizes, making longer fingers appear longer and thicker fingers appear slim. Oval-shape diamonds can be hard, tall, short, slim, or fat—really depends on the costumer. 

Since there are no rigid measurements, oval-shape diamonds come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Since no two ovals are alike, you can find the ideal match for the shape of your finger. While at Rare Carat you can get help here to obtain a well-cut oval, this is actually a benefit in helping you discover the perfect fit.

Rare Carat Evaluations

Rare Carat is America’s no .1 online company for diamonds exclusively trusted by many customers. More than 5,000 satisfied customers have left positive Rare Carat reviews on TrustPilot, Google, and BBB.

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With the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), Rare Carat’s search engine ranks over 500,000 lab-grown and natural diamonds from reliable wholesalers, assisting you in finding the best offer.


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