Megan Fox and MGK

After starring in successful and popular movies such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers, Megan Fox finally found love in real life. The actress took a liking to Machine Gun Kelly after meeting him on set earlier this year. The two have been spotted out together for more than a few months. Megan Fox and MGK have shared some quality time on the air, and clearly, things have gotten serious.

Megan Fox and MGK 

March 2020

The Hollywood couple Fox, 34, and Kelly, 30, got closer while filming the upcoming movie Midnight in the Switchgrass. The two co-stars shut down the Puerto Rico set of the indie thriller over fears of the coronavirus pandemic. We’re told the relationship began after filming had wrapped and is still in its early stages. A source close to them says they’ve been spending a lot of time together since the movie wrapped. Intimate pictures that hit the internet explain the situation. The source adds, “They’re friends on the set and that their relationship was strictly platonic.”

May 2020

Megan Fox and MGK

Kelly has been through her fair share of breakups, so she was no stranger to single life when she and Fox became one of the juiciest couples of the summer. Kelly and Fox’s romance has been confirmed after the famous pair were spotted in Calabasas, California. They even photographed as they grabbed takeout together, sparking rumors that all is well between them. The outing came as rumors swirled, claiming she was quarantining herself away from her long-term partner Green. The couple has been spotted at various events without their wedding rings.

Green claims that he and Fox have broken up after ten years of marriage. Fox, in an interview, said she trusted Kelly and added, “I’ve always had excellent judgment.” After Fox and Green broke off their relationship, a source told the US that Fox spent more time with Kelly, and they got into a romantic relationship.

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The next day, Green posted a cryptic message for Fox – “Eventually, butterflies get bored sitting on a flower for too long,” he wrote. “They start feeling smothered. But it’s a great big world, and they want to experience it.” The Beverly Hills 90210 alum confirmed via his podcast that he and Fox have been on a break since December 2019.

Kelly’s music video for “Bloody Valentine” is a romantic project that stars Kelly and Fox with a romantic rendezvous. The two of them roll around together and nearly kiss, fueling current romance rumors that they are dating. But, instead, the actress lip-synced to Kelly’s lyrics. The end of the video shows Megan Fox enjoying the final project by posting it on her Instagram account.

June 2020

Pictures taken by the Daily Mail show actor Megan Fox and MGK holding hands while kissing outside a bar in Los Angeles. The lyrics of his recent song “Bloody Valentine” imply that he is romantically involved with Fox.

Although it has been confirmed that Green and Fox are separated, Fox doesn’t want to file for divorce anytime soon. According to a source close to Green, “He wants to give Megan time and is hopeful they will find their way back to one another. It’s been hard to see her get back there, but he is trying to fill his time with his kids and friends. Since the announcement, Green has been seen spending time with Courtney Stodden and Tina Louise. But he hasn’t confirmed either relationship.

Megan Fox and musician Andrew Dexter Goad, better known as Machine Gun Kelly, are a real-life couple, reports Us Weekly. According to the mag, the on-again, off-again couple have been spending a lot of time together lately and are officially dating. A source told Us Weekly that the relationship is a “whirlwind.” “It’s new and exciting,” the source said. “She has only been with Brian for many years, and this is very different.” “She’s into it.”

Megan Fox and MGK took to social media to show off their matching Valentines’ nails. Their designs seem to be inspired by his song, “Bloody Valentine.” The theme of the collection is bloody but cute. It includes a heart-shaped lock, a key, and a bloody knife. There’s no official confirmation as to what the couple is going on, but photos published by Daily Mail show them in the airport security line. The two couldn’t stop themselves from showing their affection.

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July 2020

In her recent interview on Lala Kent’s podcast, Fox admits she feels a deep connection with Emmett very early in their relationship. “I knew right away that he was what I call a twin flame, “Instead of a soul mate, a twin flame is actually where a soul has ascended into a high enough level that it can be split into two different bodies at the same time. So we’re two halves of the same soul, I think. And I said that to him almost immediately because I felt it right away.” Fox said to Kent and her husband.

Fox and Colson shared a mirror selfie on Instagram. “Waited for eternity to find you again 🔪💫,” Colson wrote.

August 2020

Fox took to Instagram to honor her love for the actor. She posted a photo that showed their connection in simple black-and-white while also sharing how she felt in the caption – “Achingly Beautiful Boy…My heart is yours.” In a Buzzfeed Thirst Tweets video, Baker points out that he is dating Fox.

September 2020

Several sources close to the situation reveal that Machine Gun Kelly has met Fox’s three kids. If she is believed, MGK met Megan’s kids, but Brian is pretty protective of them. It can be said that “Megan and Brian’s relationship is so up and down. They have been co-parenting healthily as best as they can.” In an interview with Howard Stern on September 23, Baker said he didn’t know true love until he saw Fox.

November 2020

Megan Fox and MGK were at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Fox introduced Kelly, who was later in an arm-in-arm date night with her boyfriend. During which he played “Bloody Valentine” and “My Ex’s Best Friend.”

Kelly has been posting about Fox on social media. He posted a photo of the two on Instagram and shared a selfie from the set with Fox. In the caption, he wrote: “I slept next to my shotgun until she came into my life.

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January 2021

There may have been subtle signals that suggested that Fox and Baker were in a relationship. However, she quickly destroyed the rumors on Instagram stories after appearing to wear a ring.

March 2021

Megan Fox and MGK have reportedly enjoyed a romantic date with Kourtney Kardashian and her boyfriend, the Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker recently.

Fox posted a photo of herself and MGK smiling in a mirror selfie celebrating his 31st birthday. Fox captioned the photo: “Happy Birthday, blonde angel baby.

May 2021

Kelly shared numerous stories about the early days of his and Fox’s relationship in May during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. One of them is when they swam with sharks in Bora Bora, who scared him. When one of the animals darted out before him, he joked that he was halfway to the street.

Machine Gun Kelly performs at an Indy 500 party with Megan Fox in attendance. When MGK performs his song “I Think I’m Okay,” people keep chanting “Megan, Megan, Megan…” until she joins Kelly on stage.

When Fox filmed a movie in Bulgaria, she asked Kelly if he could join her. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a passport because he rarely traveled, so he asked Senator Bernie Sanders for help. He got him the passport needed to fly to Bulgaria and toured with Fox.

June 2021

In the wake of that show’s success, Fox has beset upon Baker with a tour that will be lasting for several months. Whether they’re inseparable is up for debate.

A source reported that Machine Gun Kelly wants to start a family with his girlfriend Megan Fox soon. Although it’s not on the cards right now because they’re busy with their careers, it is sure to happen someday. When asked about an engagement, they said that they talked about it often.

July 2021

In a new profile for The Washington Post, Fox reflects on her history with Baker and their instant connection. “The first time I looked into his eyes, I was like, ‘I know you. I have known you so many times, in so many different forms, in so many different lives,'” she said. “Well, to me, it was like instantly like that.”

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