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Anyone in business knows the importance of a good first impression, from the first interview to a big presentation to try to win over a potential client. Professionalism in your appearance goes a long way with supervisors, clients, coworkers and the competition, as it sends a message of respectability and confidence. 

In addition to a well-tailored suit, a sleek pencil skirt and a pressed white shirt, good skincare is an essential part of a professional presentation. Read on to discover reasons why every business professional should invest in a solid skincare routine.

  1. It Could Boost Your Earnings

An expensive wardrobe and pricey haircuts aren’t just a luxury for your personal care. These investments are also a good idea for your brand and business performance. Image is incredibly important–so much so, that research has shown that those who present an attractive appearance even earn more money. In fact, a study has revealed that people are far more likely to invest their money with someone that appears attractive, regardless of their reputation or skills. 

It follows, then, that skincare should be considered a crucial investment in your business as it can lead to an increase in positive perceptions that may increase your revenue and income. Just following a few skincare tips from organizations such as USANA Singapore may just be the boost your bottom line needs. 

  1. Clear Skin Is Attractive

Researchers have found that those who have clear and healthy-looking skin are more likely to be rated as attractive, even if someone possesses other conventionally attractive features, including facial symmetry, proportionate characteristics and excellent jawlines or cheekbones. Human beings are biologically inclined to take note of signs of health and attractiveness as a function of evolution and safety, and this instinct, though it’s far less intense than it was for your ancestors, persists today in person-to-person interactions. 

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Researchers have also found that attractive, healthy-looking people are more likely to get promoted, get raises, receive second interviews and move up in their workplaces. Those with clear skin, regardless of other attractive features they might have, may see these advancements more frequently than others. 

  1. You May Appear More Trustworthy

Though it may seem superficial, there is a strong correlation between a neat and appealing appearance and trustworthiness, largely based on unconscious, evolutionary biological factors that drive human behavior. Because clear, youthful skin is one major element of a professional appearance, the better your skin is, the more trustworthy you are likely to appear to others. 

Trustworthiness is perhaps one of the most critical virtues when it comes to doing business, as a lack of consumer and client confidence could mean the difference between landing a big account or starting over from square one. 

  1. You Will Look Healthier

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and the human brain is wired to notice blemishes and imperfections in this protective barrier because it often demonstrates an underlying health condition or signals of sickness or impurities. 

There are many reasons for acne, redness, dry and flaky skin, but there’s no denying the biological preference for clean and clear skin. Healthy skin is a sign of a healthy body, which is better to establish client, coworker and supervisor confidence in your wellbeing and ability to perform. The healthier you appear, the more likely you are to have a healthy business career, too. 

  1. Good Skin Is Less Distracting

Like it or not, a blemish or area of discoloration on your skin is likely to attract attention, whether it’s just a small glance or a few stares. Skin issues aren’t complete roadblocks for you and the people you’re in business with, but it’s a lot easier to focus on the tasks at hand when there are fewer distractions present. 

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A solid skincare routine can help to fight breakouts and other skin issues so you’re more likely to capture the attention of a room full of people because of what you’re saying and not what your skin looks like. 

  1. Your Confidence May Improve

There’s a reason why many celebrities, politicians or important figureheads call a dermatologist for a powerful treatment or vitamin injection the moment they notice a skin imperfection prior to a big event. If you’ve ever considered calling in sick due to a huge blemish or mark on your skin, you’re well aware of how important your skin’s health is to your self-confidence. Whether other people notice a pimple or dry patch or not, it can significantly interfere with how comfortable you are standing up in front of a group of people or talking face-to-face in close proximity in a meeting with a client. 

Good skincare that works to fight acne, wrinkles, dryness and irritation can help you to feel more confident while you’re on the job. With a consistent regiment, you can keep your skin clear and bright and maneuver through your to-do list with a sense of self-assurance that will help you present your best self both inside and out. 

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