The main feature of the World Cup, which attracts football fans, is the opportunity to compare the strength of teams from different continents that rarely play with each other. At the upcoming Mundial, four continents will be represented in one of the groups at once, therefore, each match will be with a special atmosphere and interest.We are talking about the quartet H, which was formed by Portugal, South Korea, Ghana and Uruguay. Let’s talk in detail about each of these teams and their chances in the tournament.


Main stars: Cristiano Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva, Joao Felix, Ruben Dias.Best result at the World Cup: 3rd place (1966).

Cristiano Ronaldo is already 37 and with a high degree of probability he is going to his last World Cup. Despite all the club problems and difficulties, Ronaldo is definitely able to get together for one month and give out something close to his optimal football. If he succeeds, Portugal will immediately be among the contenders for very serious results.

On the other hand, even without Cristiano, the Portuguese have enough world-class performers and the team no longer has as much dependence on its leader as it did, say, four years ago. At the last three world championships, the team did not get further than 1/8, it’s time to correct the situation.

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South Korea

Main Stars: Heung Min Song, Hwang Hee Chan.Best result at the World Cup: 4th place (2002).

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South Korea is gradually coming to the status of one of the strongest teams on its continent. Since 1986, the Koreans have not missed the World Cup, and this, for a second, is 11 tournaments in a row. Even if their main achievement (semi-finals) is connected mostly with home refereeing, it is impossible to deny the strength of this team.

South Korea’s main hopes are with Tottenham forward Son. He demonstrates a phenomenal level of play for the club and is one of the best players in the world in his position. There are also enough experienced players who have played or play in good European clubs.


Main stars: Thomas Partey, Jordan Ayew, Mohammed Kudus.Best result at the World Cup: 1/4 (2010).

Ghana returns to the World Cup after one omission. Prior to this, the team was present at the world championships three times and left the group twice. The names of the current team can hardly be called very strong, but this did not stop Ghana from leaving the more eminent Nigeria out of the World Cup. True, it happened only in the penalty shootout.

It is quite difficult to talk about the prospects of this team, since it has not played with rivals at the World Cup level in official games for a long time. Perhaps, a friendly meeting with the Brazilians in September of this year should be considered indicative. It ended with a one-sided defeat 0:3.


Main stars: Luis Suarez, Darwin Nunez, Edinson Cavani, Federico Valverde.Best World Cup result: Championship (1930, 1950)

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Uruguay has had a kind of generational change since the last World Cup. Now it’s not so much the team of Suarez and Cavani as the team of Valverde and Nunez. At the same time, the “old” leaders are also in the cage. Uruguay looks very intriguing in terms of attacking potential. The team has several players at once who are able to lead partners and become the core of the football mechanism.

Uruguay did not start the qualifying campaign very confidently, but at the finish line there were four victories in a row with a total score of 8:1, which removed any questions.

Our forecast

The group looks very interesting and intriguing. On paper, Portugal and Uruguay should go to the playoffs, but the current South Korea looks like a team that can correct such plans. We will still follow the class and predict the following table: 1. Portugal, 2. Uruguay, 3. South Korea, 4. Ghana.

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