Are Lab-Created Diamond Earrings Suitable For Sensitive Ears

Diamonds are precious and timeless, making them a must-have piece of jewelry for every occasion. They not only accentuate your look but also act as an extension of your personality. While choosing the ideal diamond earrings, many consider several factors, including color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Several even contemplate choosing between lab-created diamonds and naturally found ones.

While deciding between lab-created diamonds and their natural alternatives, many choose the latter. This is because they are under the misconception that lab-created diamonds are “fake” or not as authentic as their natural counterparts. 

However, this can not be further from the truth. lab-created diamonds are similar to those found naturally as they are the same in every aspect, except their point of origin. While natural ones are made from the heat and pressure from the earth’s crust, lab-created ones are made by man. And if this was not all, lab created diamond earrings are also perfectly safe and suitable for those with sensitive ears.

What Is A Lab-Created Diamond?

Lab-created diamonds or synthetic diamonds are those that are produced artificially in a lab. They are similar to natural diamonds as they use the same simulated heat and pressure that is radiated by the earth’s crust to produce naturally found diamonds. Hence, they consist of an identical carbon atom structure and showcase the same chemical and optical characteristics as the natural ones.

Since the only difference is the origin, many gem laboratories around the globe even offer certifications to guarantee the quality of this precious stone. Not only are lab-created diamonds authentic, but they are also much more affordable than naturally-mined diamonds.

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Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Hypoallergenic?

Yes, absolutely! Lab diamonds can be 100% hypoallergenic. For those of you who may not know what hypoallergenic is, it is a term that is often used to describe metals, which are relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

So, if you are someone who often struggles with skin or ear sensitivity, such as redness, itching, red patches, and other skin issues, choosing lab-grown diamonds may be a suitable choice.


Lab-Created Diamonds Are Suitable For Everyone!

If we haven’t stressed it already, lab-created diamonds are truly suited for everyone. Whether you’re a jewelry enthusiast or someone who suffers from ear sensitivity, you can always opt for lab-created diamonds. 

Below we’ve listed several reasons why lab-created diamonds are a great choice. So go ahead, and take a look!

Environmentally friendly
Recently, lab-created diamonds have become popular and have garnered a lot of attention. One of the reasons is also because they are environmentally friendly. Natural diamonds are mined from the earth’s surface so they are fossil fuel-intensive and not to mention, environmentally damaging. 

The process of mining is also becoming less sustainable every year. Lab-created diamonds, on the other hand, are a superior choice to those who are environmentally conscious. This is because they use less energy than their natural counterparts and do not harm fragile ecosystems.

Lab-created diamonds are also more affordable. For those on a budget who do not wish to burn a hole in their pockets, lab-created diamonds are the ideal choice. They generally sell for 30-40% less than naturally-mined diamonds and hence you can get better value for your money.

Ethically sourced
Besides the above-mentioned reasons, if you are a conscious customer, you’ll be happy to know that lab-created diamonds are also ethically sourced. From child labor practices to human rights violations, naturally-mined diamonds are usually fueled by conflict. Synthetic diamonds, on the other hand, are conflict-free. They are safely created in labs, where workers are often well-compensated, ensuring that the diamonds you own aren’t harming the environment or any other being.

Suitable For Sensitive Ears
Ear sensitivity is often defined as having ears or skin that is more vulnerable to skin infections and injury. If your skin reacts negatively to metal, you may develop unfavorable skin conditions like redness and itching, which may even develop into something more severe like soreness, swelling, and even bleeding. While nickel is the most common metal that often leads to skin problems, even gold can lead to skin sensitivity.

You may also develop ear sensitivity if you already have skin conditions such as contact allergic dermatitis, a type of eczema or if you develop a skin allergy. Either way, having sensitive ears may make it harder to shop for jewelry. However, there is a way to end all your problems. You could always opt for lab-created diamonds. These diamonds are a great choice since they are often hypoallergenic. This means that they are likely to hurt your ears and you can wear them as often as you’d like.

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Lab-Created Diamond Earrings Are A Great Choice

As we’ve mentioned above, lab-created diamonds are a great choice. Regardless of how old you may be, what styles of jewelry you prefer, or even if you are on a budget and mindful of the money being spent, they really do make a great companion.

Synthetic diamonds are also perfect for everyday use. This is because they reflect your individuality and help you to express yourself with a vast variety of designs. Besides the style of the diamonds themselves, they are perfect for daily wear because they are easy to clean and highly durable.


How To Keep Your Earrings Secure

There are several ways that may affect the shine and clarity of your lab-grown diamond. This includes everyday wear and tear, dirt build-up, and exercising and outdoor activities. Earrings may also get damaged due to unsafe storage, where lab-grown diamonds are kept in a jewelry box loosely with other items, leading to scratches and scuffs. Even household cleaners can dull the sparkle of your diamond.

Hence, it is crucial to regularly clean and maintain your earrings. There are several ways you can do this, including cleaning your diamonds with soap and water. Ensure you wash and clean your diamonds at least twice a month. 

However, keep in mind that when you’re cleaning your diamonds not use harsh chemicals that may do more harm than good. Some chemicals to steer away from include bleach, chlorine, ammonia, and acetone. Besides this, you can also maintain them by keeping them safely in a secure place that doesn’t have other substances rubbing against them.

Now that you’re aware of the characteristics of a lab-grown diamond, you can make an informed decision. However, remember to take care of the jewelry you own, to ensure their clarity and shine are maintained. This way, your diamonds will always look as good as the day you bought them.

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